Human Dynamics

The Human Dynamics Realm focuses on strategies to navigate complex interactions, relationships, and behaviours of social groups within a variety of contexts.
Here you will uncover challenges and discover tools to decode communication patterns, group behaviours, leadership dynamics, conflicts, and decision-making habits to effectively collaborate and collectively shape outcomes.

Breaking down challenges & exploring solutions

Human dynamics refers to the intricate and diverse ways people interact, collaborate, and relate to one another within social, professional, and personal settings. It encompasses the complex web of relationships, behaviours, communication patterns, and social structures that influence human interactions.

Strategy Execution:
  • I'm struggling to generate leads

  • I'm struggling to increase my revenue

  • I'm struggling to close the deal

  • We don't create enough relevance for the customer

  • We don't know what great looks like

  • Varying perspectives stop us from moving forward and executing a plan

  • We are going through a change in structure and the team are not onboard

  • The team is struggling through our change transformation

Relationship maintenance:
  • My team are unable to build trusted, sustainable relationships with the customer

  • We struggle to maintain customer relationships during escalation

  • The ecosystem is not working well together which causes a lot of tension,  and heightened stress.

  • Communication barriers and conflicts are regular occurrences which decrease our productivity, strain our relationships and shows the customer we are not internally aligned


We have leaders who were great direct reports and now struggle with recruiting, retaining, developing, delegating, motivating and making decisions.


Addressing these challenges requires patience. The intended outcome of addressing tension is to foster improved communication, understanding, and collaboration among individuals, which create communities where relationships are aligned and productive.

Where I can help is by finding the root cause of those tensions and providing tools to help improve your relationships so you can work together to innovate, create, evolve and survive.


" I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the exceptional soft skills program you recently conducted. Your expertise and engaging teaching style made the training sessions both informative and enjoyable.  Your tailored approach, specifically addressing our needs in areas such as effective communication, teamwork, leadership, and emotional intelligence, was truly commendable. The real-life examples and scenarios you provided were invaluable in helping us understand and apply these skills in our daily interactions. Since completing each training, I have already witnessed remarkable transformations within the team. The techniques and strategies you imparted have proven highly effective in establishing rapport, resolving conflicts, and cultivating a positive work environment. The newfound confidence and enhanced interpersonal skills among team members are evident, and it has positively influenced our overall productivity and collaboration." - User Service Center, Global

"I’m just answering to say how awesome were the sessions you presented in [program name] and how the content impacted in my life as a whole, personal and professional. I really appreciate all the knowledge shared! As I said you before, if I knew this before, I could make my life easier… 😃" - Professional Services, Brazil

Key Topics:

  • Empathy

  • Active listening

  • Navigating communication styles

  • Navigating personality styles

  • Negotiation

  • Objection handling

  • Revenue generation

  • Leadership

  • Decision making

  • Delegation

  • Feedback

  • Collaboration

  • Conflict resolution

  • Managing change

  • Fostering healthier, productive relationships & communities

  • Team dynamics

  • Power dynamics

  • Cultural influences

  • Decoding humans

  • Understanding, appreciating & including diverse viewpoints

A final note…

I love to take the time to understand why people are the way they are.  How are they similar to me, how are they different from me and how can those differences help me grow and give me new perspective or reinforce my own convictions.  
I look at the light and shadow of each person and group and wonder how the light could be amplified and what the positive by-products of the shadows are to create constructive outcomes for a collective benefit.
I think this curiosity is the reason I enjoy supporting people in  the Human Dynamics realm so much.

"Shabeena's relaxed & friendly delivery of the training made me feel at ease and willing to participate. It's like having a normal conversation with a friend in our favorite coffee shop which works for me."
"Shabeena conveys information and techniques in a way that is very comprehensible, and her personal examples help to understand the practical use. The training environment is empathetic, respectful and fun… It was exactly the right training at the right time. It made my day and enabled me to cope better with my current very challenging situation."
"Shabeena's open and warm nature takes you on a journey to get to know your own personality better and to look at it from new perspectives (learned in the course). She combines the course content with stories from her own wealth of experience, which makes it very authentic. It's just fun to listen to!”