Mental Fitness

The Mental Fitness Realm focuses on strategies for maintaining emotional well-being, and fostering resilience, with emphasis on self-awareness, coping mechanisms, emotional regulation. Here, is where you will uncover challenges and discover tools to enhance your psychological wellness, manage challenges,  promote a healthier mindset and help others do the same.

Breaking down challenges & exploring solutions

Broadly speaking, we can usually split what causes us stress in two categories:

Internal stress factors

This is usually when you have to overcome a boundary that you have put in place for yourself. A good example of this is the limiting beliefs which drive our decisions. 
  • My imposter syndrome stops me from achieving what I would like.

  • My internal dialogue prevents me from believing in myself which causes me to second guess decisions.

  • I have bad habits which prevent me from reaching my goal.

  • I get nervous under tense situations and am unable to perform, which stops me from trying again.

  • The way I experience stress is unhelpful because it stops me from being able to ....(complete your sentence)


Although each challenge and context is unique to the individual, the aim is to be in the driving seat where what is inhibiting you from achieving your wants and needs is understood and overcome.  

Where I can help is by providing learning experiences which, enables a helpful mindset, develops key skills and increases self-awareness for you to create the change you want.


" This webinar, from the very start, managed to make me understand the cause of my constant negative internal dialogue and set me free from it. It has cleared my mind and removed the tension in my body allowing me to taste the joy of becoming alert again and able to confront my fears and shortcomings instead of feeling nailed by them."

"I really loved this training, and it even came at the right time for me - having strong burnout symptoms. The questions helped me find the true source of my struggles which was totally not where I initially thought the problem was. Finding the real root cause is the most important step, otherwise I was trying to fix the wrong thing...Thank you very much!"

External stress factors

This is usually when there is an external factor which causes or contributes to our stress. This could be, the people around you, your environment, your circumstances.
  • Toxic behaviours and dominant personalities are causing a lot of tension and fear, making it hard to be productive and deliver results.

  • Lot of changes results in lack of resources causing pressure to deliver, low morale and burn out symptoms.

  • Conflicts are not resolved resulting in rapid escalation.

  • Having burn out conversations is uncomfortable.

  • Boundary setting, managing work and life causes burn out, resentment and lost opportunities,


There can be several people experiencing the same situation, but we could all interpret or react to it differently. The aim is to equip yourself with the skills and mindset necessary to navigate these situations with purpose and intention.

Where I can help is to provide learning experiences which help you to navigate these experiences in the healthiest way possible.


" What I have learned already helped me to solve a conflict.  It had to do with safety rules due to the pandemic, misunderstandings in prior communication, and participation in meetings with many people in a room. With the help of the Yes! No. Yes? approach and the example given by the role play of the actor I was prepared to the discussion. In the end I could take part in the meeting in stretch mode but not panic mode….With the tools you have given, this hopefully will be in a healthier way."

" I have reminded myself that I am responsible for the way I see my life and that I play a major role in shaping it myself. This throws me back on myself and gives me the strength to be the creator of my life.

Key Topics:

  • Dealing with change

  • Listening and understanding your internal dialogue

  • Understanding and managing imposter syndrome

  • Accessing helpful emotional and mental states

  • Creating new habits and breaking bad ones

  • Managing conflicting personalities and priorities

  • Conversations around burnout

  • Overcoming the fear of doing or saying the wrong thing

  • Identifying personalized stress strategies and triggers

  • Expanding and stretching comfort zones

  • Identifying ways to support others

A final note…

When I personally engage in finding a provider to either collaborate or support me with my own personal development in Mental Fitness, I want to ensure that the person I work with does not only deliver me value but also is aligned to how I need the learning experience environment to be. Making sure learners feel safe in addressing these topics should be a key priority for anyone engaging with you and supporting you with Mental Fitness.

"Shabeena's relaxed & friendly delivery of the training made me feel at ease and willing to participate. It's like having a normal conversation with a friend in our favorite coffee shop which works for me."
"Shabeena conveys information and techniques in a way that is very comprehensible, and her personal examples help to understand the practical use. The training environment is empathetic, respectful and fun… It was exactly the right training at the right time. It made my day and enabled me to cope better with my current very challenging situation."
"Shabeena's open and warm nature takes you on a journey to get to know your own personality better and to look at it from new perspectives (learned in the course). She combines the course content with stories from her own wealth of experience, which makes it very authentic. It's just fun to listen to!”